How To Cultivate Energy-Saving Habits

Energy efficiency helps keep more resources on earth longer. Cultivating energy saving habits helps you do more with less energy. When you use less energy, you save precious natural resources and cut down on pollution. On the long run, being energy efficient safeguards the planet by decreasing the overall demand for energy.

Below are some tips on how to save energy:

Turn off all lights and electronics when not in use

Switch off all computers, televisions, telephones, air conditioning units, lights, and other electronics when you’re not using them. This can help reduce your energy consumption and save you some money on the long run. Unplug electronics or appliances that you rarely use like an air conditioner in the guest room or the washing machine.


Switch all bulbs to energy saving bulbs

Change all your incandescent light bulbs to LED bulbs which are now widely spread and affordable. LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs and come in a various designs and capacities.


Use appliances efficiently at all times

Get the settings right on all your appliances and choose the appropriate modes that are energy efficient. For instance, some appliances have a power-save switch, you can always make use of this function. You should also be diligently observant when using your electronics, like double checking to see that the refrigerator/oven door is tightly sealed to retain its temperature.

Educate those around you on energy efficiency

The attitude of those around you is a vital component in saving energy. Keep your family, neighbours and workmates informed about energy-efficiency and recognize them for their support in energy saving. The more informed and educated they are on energy saving tips, the better for everyone.

Switch large appliances for smaller ones that still meet your needs

Large appliances are known to consume more energy than smaller ones, so it is advisable to stick to the the small ones that meet your need. For instance, you can switch a really big refrigerator for a small one that is still able to house all your consumables. Energy is saved and everyone is happy.


Reduce your reliance on appliances

You can cut down on your energy use by adjusting your daily activities. Look at each appliance in your home to determine if you really need it and if you’re using it to its full potential. If you decide that you are not using it to its full potential, give it out to someone who really needs it. You can also try doing some chores manually to help save some energy.